Training for a Long Distance Running

Training for a Long Distance Running - Scott Cathcart

As a sport, running is performed competitively and has rules formed by international organizations and millions of participants worldwide. As do other athletes, runners know that “Nothing succeeds like success,” an observation credited to Confucius and later attributed to Sir Arthur Helps (1898). Often runners who decide to enter competitions involving long-distance runs have competed successfully in shorter competitions. As they improved, increasing their speed and endurance, gaining confidence in their abilities, these runners have decided that they can succeed at longer races.

Beginning Marathon Training

Training for long-distance runs does not mean that runners must always go the full distance in practice. They can cover part of the distance, especially at first. The duration of a training run for a marathon may be from an hour to two hours. If the runner decides to increase the time and distance of a practice run, he or she conditions both the body and mind. Runners wishing to enter a marathon should work toward running most or all of the distance in the middle of each training week. Such a long run will increase stamina and endurance. Cross-training exercise for the legs using weights is also recommended as it will strengthen the quadriceps by building muscle tissue.

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The 3 Most Important Leadership Tips for Entrepreneurs

The 3 Most Important Leadership Tips for Entrepreneurs - Scott Cathcart

You know how important the work you do for your company is. The work, your employees, do is just as important. To build a strong team and keep your business growing, you will need to show them the way. Being a strong leader isn’t just about leading by example. There are many aspects to leadership; you’ll need to keep in mind if you want your employees to follow you. So what do the best leaders do for their growing business?

Hire the Right People

Because hiring can take time, people will often prioritize filling the position over finding the right fit. This is a big mistake.

Do not underestimate how important it is to have a strong hiring practice put into place. It’s worth taking the time to find the right people. This means employees who will work personality-wise, who fit with your company’s goals, and who have the right skills for the job.

Create a Strong Workplace Culture

Always keep your company’s culture in mind. Too often, entrepreneurs forget that they are leading a team and setting the tone for the workplace. When this happens, it’s easy for the workplace to become a place of tension or boredom. How can you expect the best work from your employees if they don’t enjoy coming to their jobs every day?

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Productivity Tips for the Busy Entrepreneur

Productivity Tips for the Busy Entrepreneur - Scott Cathcart

Productivity equates to results and growth. As an entrepreneur, your business’ ability to scale and the rate it scales is directly correlated with your level of productivity. Here are three tips on how to be more productive as an entrepreneur.

Schedule Everything

Having a daily, or at least weekly, a schedule helps you keep up with all the tasks you need to accomplish. Whether it’s a late lunch with a client or a virtual business meeting with teams abroad, entrepreneurs are bombarded with a myriad of tasks every day that it’s impractical to trust your memory to remember everything. Write down every responsibility for the day, starting with high-priority ones. You want to make sure you finish larger and more important tasks instead of picking off the small, mundane ones that have little impact on long-term metrics.

Use the Two Minute Rule

This rule was created to combat procrastination, which is a huge productivity zapper in business and life in general. With the two minute rule, you allot two minutes of your time towards a task that you might otherwise procrastinate. For instance, if you need to write marketing content for your business’ blog, start by writing a paragraph in two minutes. In most cases, you’ll end up doing more than a paragraph in one sitting.

Learn to Say “No”

Entrepreneurs encounter a lot of decision forks every day. It could be in the form of a fellow entrepreneur asking you to review his/her product or a staff member asking for another week off to take a leisure trip. Although It’s good to collaborate with other entrepreneurs or give your employees a break from work occasionally, you need to draw the line. Otherwise, this bleeds through your overall productivity and output. Avoid giving unclear and indirect answers either – flat out say “No” followed by a concise but brief explanation as to why you can’t honor their request at the moment.

Keep in mind that continuously moving isn’t the same as being productive. You need to make sure that your efforts and resources are being spent on the right tasks and acquisitions that will create the most tangible positive impact.

Taking Your Company Remote

Taking Your Company Remote - Scott Cathcart

At present, a large number of companies are making the switch to remote work. While many of these choices have been out of necessity, this transition period also presents an opportunity to consider whether a remote model is effective or even ideal for your business. There are certainly challenges that accompany the shift towards remote work, but there are also numerous benefits that can make the transition appealing.

Is the Model Right for You?

While many businesses are suited for remote work due to the nature of their industries, the same cannot be said for every company. Determining whether your business can operate on a remote basis is an important consideration, and one you should be willing to devote enough time to. If your business model requires physical contact between employees and clients/customers, a remote model likely won’t work; however, even if your business cannot be fully remote, in considering your options you may be able to identify some positions that could be remote, allowing you to cut back on unnecessary expenses and modernize your business.

For those who determine their businesses are suited for a fully remote model, heed the following concepts.

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Triathlete Diet Tips

Triathlete Diet Tips - Scott Cathcart

Training for a triathlon is a challenging but rewarding process. When it comes to making dietary changes, there are a number of things to consider. Because the triathlon is a grueling challenge that requires substantial strength and endurance, you should keep such things in mind as you plan out your meals and eating practices.


While many popular diets vilify the carbohydrate, triathlon participants should not feel that way. In fact, carbs are essential for individuals who are looking to participate because of how much energy is required. During aerobic activity, which is primarily what triathletes do, the body requires carbs to provide the right amount of energy in order to power the muscles. Fueling up with whole grain breads and pastas as well as fruits, vegetables, and brown rice will help provide the body with nutritious carbohydrates that will power you through your workouts.

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